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We take the nightmare out of writing a great college essay.

Over and over we hear that writing the college essay is the most frustrating part of the college admissions process. But it doesn’t have to be.

Essay Mentors helps college-bound teens write winning college essays.

Since 2012, we’ve supported thousands of parents and students with our in-person and one-on-one programs. We guide students through our unique Write Like a Pro process. Of course they write better college essays and have better options for college. But, they also become better writers and communicators, and head off to college with greater self-awareness and self-confidence.

We’re passionate about helping teens discover their authentic selves, explore what it means to live their own lives on their own terms, and communicate and create who they are in the world.

Our Programs and Services

Personal Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program empowers teens to write the kinds of essays that admissions officers love to read. It makes intuitive sense to teenagers, giving them both the freedom to be creative and the structure to produce their best work.

We mentor students one-on-one—nationwide by Zoom and in-person in Seattle’s Eastside. Each student works with one mentor throughout the program. 

Classes of 2026 and 2027

Each year we mentor a small number of students in a program that begins now and ends when they’re seniors, finished with their college essays.

For consultants, schools, and nonprofits

EssayQuest is our all-in-one, integrated system that helps consultants, schools, and businesses streamline their process for supporting students. 

My son is excited about the process Barak is taking him through. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about the essay.


Parent of two students

We are thrilled our son won a four year scholarship by writing a winning essay. He truly did it thanks to your mentoring skills.


Parent of two students

I became a better writer through Essay Mentors. I learned how to put my voice in my writing every time I touch a pen to paper or finger to key.



I am very impressed with your review. I really wanted an expert perspective and you were right on point.