A student’s mother sent me a Time Magazine article, It’s Time to Tell Your Kids It Doesn’t Matter Where They Go To College.

Her son had a dilemma. He could go to one of the “more prestigious” colleges that accepted him or go to a “less prestigious” college that offered a huge scholarship.

He chose the less expensive school and it won’t affect his future happiness or success.


What leads to happiness and success?

The research is clear. Where you go to school, and even the grades you get, are not highly predictive of how well you do in life. But many of the students I mentor tell me that they’re stressed and anxious about college. Some share a deeper resignation and despair about getting into the “right” school. What they come to learn is that owning their character strengths (that they explore in our essay-writing process) can have a larger effect on their lives than their college choice.

This article can give you a good insight into why students are so stressed.


Where will you thrive?

Most students and parents don’t realize that there are many schools where they could thrive. If you have a senior choosing where to go, or a junior starting to look at schools, the Time article will be a helpful read.

Let us know what you think.

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Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash