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6-month payment option

Please use this registration form only if you and Essay Mentors have agreed to a subscription payment plan.

Otherwise, to spread payments over six months with no interest or fees with PayPal Credit (o.a.c.), use this registration form.

  • $4100 total
  • 6 monthly payments of $683.33 charged automatically through PayPal

Please contact Barak Rosenbloom by email or at 206-696-2448 if you have any questions.



Set up your 6-payment plan after you complete the registration form

Essay Mentors wants our students and their parents to have an exceptional experience with us and with our services. In general, we do not offer full or partial refunds. We will work with students and parents to resolve or address all issues and concerns. In rare and exceptional circumstances we may offer a partial or full refund. We do this on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

We support students in writing the best college essays they can, and in keeping them on track throughout the process. Students are responsible for doing the work needed to write effective essays and to make sure that the essays have been proofread by people other than the Essay Mentor. All of the ideas and writing in essays should be the student’s work. We do not tell students what to write or provide specific words or language; we strongly discourage parents and others from doing the same. There are many factors that go into college admissions decisions; Essay Mentors is not responsible for any admissions, financial aid, or scholarship decisions.

Become a Better Writer sessions in the early registration program are optional, and it is the parent’s responsibility to schedule them with the mentor. Sessions expire at the end of each semester and do not carry over.

Students and parents are responsible for selecting schools to apply to and for keeping Essay Mentors up-to-date on school choices and application deadlines.