Stuff to do while stuck at home

Hey guys! How’re you?

I wanted to check in, say hi, and share some things that may help you get through these strange times. Or, at the very least, give you something to do if you’re going stir crazy!

I’m starting with the strengths assessment you took; this may make a huuuge difference for you and your family. I’ll be adding more activities and ideas as time goes by. We’re also creating a similar page for high school students and for families with kids of all ages. If you have any ideas about what people may like, based on all the things you did writing your essays, let me know.

Oliver loved your essays!

And, I’d love to catch up!

I’ve talked with some of you this week and some I haven’t seen in years. But no matter how long it’s been I’d love to hear how you’re doing and what you’re up to. You can see my calendar and schedule a call or zoom chat here. Or, just send me a text or call me at 206-696-2448.

More than anything, I hope that you, and your family, are well!
– Barak

Don’t forget to use your superpowers!

Remember the VIA Character Strengths Survey you took when we first met? Well, this is the perfect time to dust that off.

There’s a huge amount of research behind the assessment, and if you dive into your strengths you can be happier, more effective, more productive, have better relationships, a greater sense of meaning…and greater resiliency.

Wouldn’t those be handy right now?

(The audio sync on the video is off–sorry about that! I’ll get it fixed soon.)

You can find your survey results in the shared Google Drive folder I created for you (if you graduated high school 2014 or later), or you can log into VIA. Better yet, if it’s been a couple of years, take the adult version of the survey to see your current strengths. 

Coming soon: a cool, fun story-telling activity.

Several former students have said they’d like to see some fun storytelling and writing activities. I’ll be sharing those soon! Sign up for the emails and I’ll let you know when I update this.