Free Zoom workshop

Seven Secrets for a Great College Essay

We’ll be scheduling workshops beginning in late June. We cover the same material in our self-directed online introduction to college essays.

Writing an effective college essay is not the same as writing a school paper. It has a different audience, serves a different purpose, and has a different set of secrets for what works and doesn’t work.

We’ve led this workshop to thousands of students, parents, college counselors, and admissions officers. 

In this fun, interactive workshop you will discover:

What a great college essay is and isn't

You’ll know the fundamentals of a great essay, how to recognize one, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls that 80% of students make.

At least one topic idea for your essay

Those prompts are just starting points. You’ll leave with a customized topic idea that you can turn into a great essay.

A proven pathway to write your essay

Writing a great essay takes different skills and a different process than most of the writing you’ve done up till now.