We’ve been so busy helping our students write great essays that we ran out of time to make this page nice and pretty

The good news is that we’re spending less time with each student than ever before. Why? Because we’ve nailed EssayQuest. 

EssayQuest guides students through a step-by-step process that’s like nothing they’ve seen. It’s bottled every activity that guides them from I don’t know what a college essay is to their best colleges essays.

And it’s nothing like what you’ve seen, either.

We designed EssayQuest for you—the college counselor who’d like life to be easier when it comes to college essays. We’ve broken down the process of writing making it easier for them, and easier for you. Students discover more ideas, craft stronger messages, and write better essays with less of your time than ever before.

We didn’t just test it with teens. We tested it on ourselves and—over the last eight years—with counselors and writing coaches. 

We have a booth by the deli. If you’re at the in-person conference, stop b and say hello!