Our Program for Juniors and Sophomores

Space is limited. Currently, some programs are available to family and friends, and to siblings of our former students.

Write easily

Think deeply

Communicate clearly

Each year we mentor a small number of juniors and sophomores in a program that begins now and ends when they’re seniors, finished with their college essays.

They develop a more personal, natural, and effective approach to writing than what they’re taught in school. They discover more freedom to think and capture their ideas on paper. They acquire new tools to write more quickly, powerfully, and efficiently.

Whether a straight-A student or a struggling writer, the teens we mentor expand their abilities to write, think and communicate.

The results?

They write better school papers now and better college essays later, all with much less stress. In a world where communication is key, they learn skills that will serve them well for a lifetime.

We mentor students one-on-one, in person in Seattle’s Eastside, and globally by Zoom. Each student works with one mentor throughout the program.

There are times when a parent needs to get involved, but for the most part the relationship is between the student and the mentor. The student does the work, and the mentor provides guidance, support, and a little bit of magic.

What’s included in the program?

Sophomore and Junior Years

We’ll meet three times per semester (or twice per trimester). In these Become a Better Writer sessions, we’ll address underlying skill gaps in your teen’s writing and identify strengths and opportunities for growth. Working with either school assignments or personal writing projects, your teen will start to develop the mindset and skills of our Write Like a Pro process.

Spring of Junior Year through Senior Year

We’ll shift to college essays by late May or early June. This is our Unlimited Personal Mentoring program: we’ll be there for as many sessions for as many college essays as your teen has to write, up to the very end. In addition, we include online tools, written feedback, quick touch-bases, and more.

By the time the last application is submitted, your teen will have written the engaging, authentic essays admissions officers love to read. And in the process will have developed a greater sense of self, confidence in what they bring to the world, and powerful writing and storytelling skills.

(Oh, and we like to have some fun, as well!)

And for Parents

Parents are part of the process as well. No matter what your parenting style (or anxiety level!), we’ll give you the resources and information you’ll need to support your teen and keep the peace. We’ve got this handled.

Program Cost

All of our programs are a flat fee, paid in full.

Class of 2026

Class of 2027
This is only open to family and friends, and to siblings of our former students.

The Become a Better Writer sessions are a bonus; the rates are the same whether a student uses those or not.

We’re able to offer six-month, no-interest, no-fee financing through PayPal Credit. 

My son is excited about the process Barak is taking him through. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about the essay.


Parent of two students

We are thrilled our son won a four year scholarship by writing a winning essay. He truly did it thanks to your mentoring skills.


Parent of two students

I became a better writer through Essay Mentors. I learned how to put my voice in my writing every time I touch a pen to paper or finger to key.



I am very impressed with your review. I really wanted an expert perspective and you were right on point.